Ashi Update


O. vulgaris
Jan 2, 2004
It's been a while since I posted an update on Ashi. There's been so much going on lately that I just haven't had time. My 55g seahorse tank developed a leak and I had to move them to a new 46g bowfront tank. I'd been wanting a bowfront anyway, so the leak gave me a good excuse to get one! :mrgreen: I also moved Ashi into another tank in the tv room. He was in my office, which gets a little warm in the summer. The move went without a hitch and Ashi seems to enjoy being in a higher traffic area where he can see whats goin' on. I had no problems catching him as all I had to do was lift him and his shell out of the old tank and place it in a big bag and acclimate. He has since abandoned the shell for a nice cave I made for him in the live rock. He took his pink and yellow ball and some smaller shells to decorate his new house. He seems to hang out on the glass a bit more, or it may be that I just notice it more now. I do believe he was watching cartoons one night. His appetite is incredible, and his growth rate is astounding. It almost seems he's made of rubber as those legs can stretch out much longer than the 5 or 6 inches they actually are. Maybe I'll name my next octo "Stretch Armstrong" :lol: I'll try to get a pic of him and post it soon.

Spring :smile:
Remember, it's been suggested that octos like to watch TV and their preference is cartoons!!

I hope we can catch several of them at it :smile:

So glad to hear Ashi is doing so well! Lucky for you to notice that leak!! The bowfront tanks are great! I am sure Ashi is very happy with her change in location. Lil Pumpkin used to watch cartoons! Ink used to watch us, constantly! And Inklet has a mind of his own. Havent seen him watch TV yet but he is in the front of the tank to keep watch constantly!!!
Thanks everyone, The leak wasn't to bad, I just kept noticing salt creep on the end of the aquarium stand and I knew I wasn't spilling water there. Upon closer observation I noticed a little water forming at the front right bottom corner, so something had to be done. I did unforntunately loose 1 horse in the move. He had not been the strongest or healthiest seahorse in the tank to begin with. I guess the stress got to him. All other fish and corals did well.

by the way Carol, so sorry to here about lil' pumpkin. They're with us for such a short time to begin with. It's such a shame you and pumpkin didn't even get that much time together.

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