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[Article]: Sepia bandensis: husbandry and breeding by Richard Ross (Thales)


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May 30, 2000
Thank you Richard Ross (Thales) for your latest contribution to our Cephalopod Care articles repository: Sepia bandensis: husbandry and breeding. This first appeared in TFH in 2009. Great content, great photos, thanks much for sharing! :notworth:

[DWhatley] Article link corrected 9/23/2017
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I think Thales is on one of his adventures. I just saw a FB post was from Hong Kong so he may be away from regular internet for a few days.
Well, I just had my first pair of dwarf cuttles lay a clutch of eggs! Question I have for anyone is how long can I expect before hatching?? I have only had eggs hatch that were shipped so I'm sure the hatching time was shortened. Thanks
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