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anyone using t5 fluo lighting ???

Oct 17, 2005
i am currently running 6 48in 54 watt t-5 fluorescent bulbs over my 125 gallon... i think there ok as my octos always out but from reading the previous threads it seems as though these would be considered to be "too bright"
.....any thougts on t5 lighting?
Well, as they say, "if it isn't broken,don't fix it"...if your octo seems ok with it. Personally, the need for high wattage bulbs isn't really all of that necessary...I always have used standard 40 watt daylight bulbs.
I have a 125gal and use a 4' three lamp T5 bulbs. Two are Blue atinics and one VHO in the center. I have been using it for over two years with no ill effects towards any octos or corals. I kinda like the bright light in the center of the tank then the faded light towards the ends of the tank. Critters and corals can be put were ever they best like it. Personally i like my T5's. Although keep your eye on heat, T5's do produce more heat than regular flor. I put a small fan blowing over the top of the lights which seems to be doing fine. Good luck and keep us posted.
wow... i had the feeling that people would say it's way to bright or something... it just shocked me yesterday when i was on reefcentral.com and i found out people use t5's for sps coral tanks...
I have T5's on my coral tank, and they're great...however i never would of thought an octopus could of handled the intense lighting...but as said before, if the octopus is happy just leave it. However make sure you provide a fan or plenty of ventilation around the T5's as the heat will cause damage to the lights...as i found out recently.:sad:
i never knew heat could cause damage to them. my t5's have individual reflectors on them but for some reason they dont get very hot, or maybe it's because im not overdriving them. i don't know if you are or not but i know a lot of reefers overdrive them with ice cap ballast. i imagine that can get pretty hot

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