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Anyone experience with Octopus macropus?


Jul 13, 2003
Anyone experience with Octopus macropus or knows something about this specie? Size, day/nightliving, escape urge, etc.

I know a suplier who can get me one. I will ask if he can get me a bimac or vulgaris, but don't know that yet.
Which other species, except for bimac will also be alife during daytime?

greetz, Rutger
Hi Rutger,

I've looked up O. macropus for you in Cephalopods: A World Guide. There is an Octopus macropus species complex as well as a species called O. macropus. They are large (body 15 cm, arms to 1 m), have long front arms and have a red and white color pattern. Also, they are nocturnal.

I don't know what's available there, but you might want to choose a smaller octopus. You may be able to slowly influence when your octopus is active.

Another diurnal species of octopus is O.cyanea which is more commonly called the day octopus for obvious reasons. It gets to be larger than a bimac with a mantle length of 16cm and can be found all over the place.

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