Another Octo.......

Sep 25, 2004
Sorry to bother u guys again but I just thought I would tell u I caught a baby Cyeanea and hes doing good! I also cought him on halloween.... Bad omen lol! MAybe I should name him Micheal.....
Hiya Nick. You'll have a parcel of stuff in a week or so, but in the meantime you MUST let the octopus go, first thing tomorrow. Soon you'll have a great setup to keep him, but you can always catch another, right.

The only good octopus is a happy octopus.
Nick and Steve,

Nick, I bet that giving up this octo will be worth it to have a good set-up for your octos. This is very generous of Steve. I am eager to hear all about the happy octos that eventually inhabit your well-equipped tank.

Blff Ngghdfhsalf?!?!???? But but but I dont get it! I thought that I would use the equipment for a squid tank.... Am I to hook it all up to the fishtank!? My octo is fine, I was gonna make a inflatible pool into a squid tank! But whatever...... If u guys say so I guess... But hes doing fine! Hes a nice mottled shade of brown and grey and he likes to swim about the tank... I kept one before..

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