another newbie


Feb 6, 2006
Hey all i got my first octo on friday and i thought i would love him but now i dunno. he is a dwarf from what i'm told by the LFS and if he came out of his cave for more than 5 seconds a day i might now better or at least take a picof him. he despises lights of any sorts. if my little white light is on on the other side of the room he will NOT leave the shelter of his rocks. so far he was eaten at least one crab. i counted 2 today(the right number) but there is a exoskelton next to a empty shell so i'm not really sure right now. any suggestions to making him come out or anything else i should add to my tank for him to play with? toys, jars or anything like that?? thanks in advnace.
:welcome: Well, sometimes it takes a while for an octopus to get used to its new surroundings. It is good that he/she is eating, always a good sign. Octopus require a lot of patience and they need time to be comfortable in their new surroundings. Give him/her some time to adjust.
:welcome: and yeah, what she said. It's pretty common for most octos to be very shy in a new environment, although one reason why bimacs are favorites around here is that they tend to be out more in the daytime...
While it is true that just about every new octo is shy for at least the first few weeks; without having an ID it may be quite likely that you have a strictly nocturnal species!

You might be able to get around this by having dim red night-lighting in the tank.

i'm trying to see if anyone wants him locally before i bring him to a LFS... i still want an octo but i want one thats active some of the time.
Hey, listen:

any octo you get is gonna be shy for a few weeks. You're not gonna have any luck if you buy a bunch of octos and return them after a couple days when it doesn't come out of its hole.

i'm in virginia beach virginia. i'm looking for something that will be out once its adjusted. and i'm worried about it eating. it ate the one crab and will not eat anymore. i've taken dead feeders and tried to feed it with a pair of tongs but it will just squeeze it and spit it back out. i don't want it to die.

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