Another new member amongst the group

Aug 11, 2003
Hello to all,
I have been out n about the boards for 1 week now asking questions and reading from archives...I like this Forum very much, very informative folks here...If one has to learn something what better way than from so many who truely know there business....Hope to meet some of you as well. How many of you may live in Florida?..Does florida also claim fame to any supper great suppliers?

Well, it's good to have you around too! Great name, by the way; I've always wanted to meet a Queen Mermaid.

I don't live in Florida, but if you ever pop over the pond to the UK, come by for a cup of tea. You are very welcome.

:welcome: Queen Mermaid!

I'm pretty sure I've seen a few Floridians come through here... If you have any trouble finding suppliers there, try online at, lots of fans of that place in this forum...

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