another metasepia, some sepia pharonis & officinalis

Real nice photos fluffysquid :heee: . They're definitely much sharper than the previous ones. Just curious, how big are the cuttles, the officinalis and the pharoanis look pretty big to me. :)
the pharoahs are largest might have (rough estimate) a mantle length of 40 cm? the officinalis are significantly smaller... about half that size or less.

as I fed the metasepia tonight, I had the joy of seeing it hunt for the first time! it snagged a small shrimp and for a long time afterwards, dark lines were moving down and up its mantle, terminating in the middle. It was a color show the likes of which I've never seen in any of the other species.
sadly, i wasn't expecting it, so i didn't have my camera handy to catch it on video. Another time, perhaps...
sadly, i wasn't expecting it, so i didn't have my camera handy to catch it on video. Another time, perhaps...

Ain't that always the way :x ? I was snorkeling up at the Leigh Marine Reserve (North of Auckland) and came across a couple of baby squid just hovering in the water...........wouldn't you know it I'd just used the last shots of my last film on.............................CHRISTMAS TREE WORMS :oops: and to add insult to injury the pics didn't even turn out all that well :roll:

aww....yeah. something like that is just so sad when it happens.

Another sad camera story: this summer when i was in Detroit with my sailing team for the the College Sailing National Chapionships, the 128 meg smart media card in my camera was corrupted by a strange card reader at a photo center.

so sad. that card remains unusable to today while i'm forced to subsist on 16 meg cards until i make the effort to buy a new 128.

... borrowed 16 meg cards....*shame* heh

that metasepia is one of five (? i think) the NRCC aquired. They range in size between (rough estimate) 2 to 3.5 cm mantle length.

They have been trying to get them for a long time, but i do not know the specifics.

you were asking about major work done with them when i posted that first picture: there is a program for them now and i've just posted some of the details there.

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