Another loss at Octopets


Jul 27, 2004
looks like another 6 weekes for Ocotos from octopets
Jim told my wife that he lost 200 octos to escapism
ie they all escaped from their tanks and ran for the ocean.
so looks like ill just give up on ever getting one
i TOLD you guys it would be just my luck to find a supplier and then have them suffer calamity after calamity ensuring that i never get have an Octo of my very own.
...we need more people to take up the challenge of breeding bimacs!!!! *he hinted* :)

Well, if there's enough demand to warrant the investment, I might consider it in the future. With a good supplier for materials, it would be rather simple for me to build all my own tanks and such. Hmm, this could become a rather enjoyable long-term challange.

Might want to get my own home at that point, though. It would be rather embarrassing to have my 2nd floor apartment collapse under the weight of all that water and equipment. :mrgreen:
joefish84 said:
all i want is my octopus can someone please help me!!!!!!

also does anyone know if marine depot live carries cb octos or wild caught?

We had a discussion about MDL's octos a little bit ago. No one had any direct knowledge. My guess is that they are wild caught bimaculoides and not bimaculatus (note the comment on their website about missing tentacles "like in the wild").

Call them and find out.

thats what i figured but they are very vague in there descriptions of them oh well they are also charging more than i can afford for them
guess ive got to wait 5 more weeks
If you buy a captive bred bimac, it would be coming from Octopets no matter what seller you you would be better off just waiting...I know, it is hard to wait ! (hey, I am in the same boat as you are, only worse! )

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