"Ammonites and predators" exhibition - Luc EBBO Co


Apr 4, 2004
Between art and science...

This exhibition intitled "Ammonites and predators" reveals for the first time, the richness and fossil diversity in Southern France subsoil through :

- the introduction to a unique paleontological patrimony : first worldwide collection of heteromorph ammonites associeted to predatory fauna.

- the use of revolutionary technics of excavation giving to the exhibited items an unprecedented artistic dimension.

- an outstanding scientific potential feeding researches and permanent studies (more than 30 publishings deal with the displayed items).

More informations here : http://www.luc-ebbo.com
Wow! Thankyou for the link and welcome to TONMO.

Those ammonites are fantastic. Those amazing heteromorph ammonites must have been spectacular animals; one can only imagine how they would have looked when alive, glistening with iridescence shells and slowly corkscrewing their way through the water column, arms writhing, pulsating and feeling for prey. These ammonites would have looked like something from a science-fiction movie! Aliens really were amongst us.....

How exactly were these fossils prepared? Is it done with a mixture of air abrasion and acids?

I hope the exhibition does well.

Spartacus, I know exactly how you feel. This sort of stuff is so good it makes ones own findings feel so inadequate in comparison. Having said that, do you have any interesting images of fossil cephs you have found you would like to contribute here?

Oh, and by the way, do you contribute to the UK Fossils website discussion list? Your name looks extremely familiar!
as all have stated: WOW ! I wish we were going to France this summer!
Unbelievably cool. ( favorite is the plesiosaur...one of the most fascinating animals...)
Hi Phil & Greg, just managed to survive the w/e on a course of counselling, Sainsbury's fiery ginger beer, limestone & Discovery Tentacle channel (diving with Humboldt squid) after the depression of seeing Luc's wares.

Unfortunately my treasure chest has been packed ready to escape Gulag UK for the green pastures (for raising llamas) of La France :boat:
Being keen as mustard I've kept my untouched, big lumps back so if any Jurassic cephs are to jump out I'll let you know & the signs are good.
Hot off the press: I found these on my h/drive at work, nothing spectacular but it's a start, sorry for the etcher touchdowns but am still practicing :oops: One is emerging from nodule found on Monmouth beach (ID confirmation would be nice if enough showing) t'other is pyritized ammonite from under Stonebarrow Hill, also attached is non ceph but is formation I found inside a large flint from the Cretaceous upper greensand, really weird in pastel, opal like colours, near it I found a marine reptile bone which turned out to really be a sponge confirming my novice status. All finds Lyme Regis area.

UK Fossils ? who are they ?

I confess Spartacus (Fartacus) 1 & the Same. UK foosils is for prep. advice (pro's don't share), ID & to advise if I can (rare)
& to irritate users of big non-dictionaried words such as "FRAMBOIDAL" oh & to buy the odd bit of kit.
BTW Focus DIY - brick hammers/rock picks with sexy hickory shaft for £7.99 !!

Greg Phil, plesiosaurs are cool but mosasaurs are the best ! It pains me to think Mother nature canned these designs in favour of the dull in comparison, top marine predators of today.

by the way I surfed into TONMO after searching for more ceph info, read some posts & was HUGELY impressed & I'm VERY hard to impress, so hats off to TONMO.COM :cheers:
I've always been fascinated by our ceph friends then I discovered the Jurassic Coast & am into ceph fossils too :heart:
It amazes me to think that 1 million orbits of our star takes an awful long time & what you can find in Dorset has done up to
205.7 million orbits ! I've only managed 39 so far - pathetic !
& in my opinion, if it's later than Cretaceous it's modern !


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