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May 30, 2000
Richard Ross (Righty) has contributed 6 amazing cuttlefish videos to our Video Gallery. They are hosted on his server, and are used with his permission. You will need QuickTime (and a fast Internet connection!) to view these. Note that these are large files, but well worth it!

[URL2="[URL=""]Cephalopod Videos[/URL]"] Video Gallery[/URL2]

They are listed under the 11/28 entry.

Righty, thanks for these contributions, and thanks for all you're doing to increase awareness of cuttlefish, especially in the US where they're so hard to come by. Thank you!

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Hi Thales -- I got an email from a visitor on these -- they are showing up as "page not found" -- can you forward me the images and I can host them on my side?
Hey Tony,

They are all showing up for me and my wifes computer. Would you check them and let me know if they show up for you?
Actually, it *is* working for me... originally I had clicked on the 5th video, and it took a while, so I gave up, figuring it was a problem based on the email I got about it... I'll write back and let them know!
Hey Guys!

I ran into a bandwidth problem, so not only am I moving the videos so they don't clog me up, but Tony is going to host them here on Tonmo.

Thanks Tony!
Hey Tony,

The links don't seem to work for me anymore. Maybe its just me? :biggrin2:

My bandwidth problem have been fixed if you would like to link them there again!

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