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alright nancy and everyone else who was interested...

Feb 24, 2005
heres a picture of ahab with my digital in the dive case! as you can see the pictures turn out much better when the camera is in the aquarium with the octopus instead of though the glass.

i was feeding him with a feeding stick and a fiddler rubberbanded to the end and he came out of the den (which has been reloacated) and he already had a fiddler in his grasp but none the less came after this one...


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Nov 20, 2002
Wow, the pic is better than the outside-the-tank pics (which weren't bad!). Can you please tell me what camera you are using, the settings, lighting (flash or not) and type of tank light, and what you're doing about white balance. I've been reading a lot about taking aquarium photos and these are topics which concern every octo photographer, whether they know it or not!

Capt. Ahab looks great. You had such a good relationship with Kashmir so we look forward to many interesting pics in the future.

Feb 24, 2005
im using a nikon coolpix 7900, fantasea case, when i take the pictures i just set the flash to auto and put the camera on macro. for the white balace i just put it on automatic and if the pictures come out blue i set to cloudy. the lights on the tank are 3 48 inch vhos run on standard aquarium striplights, and 2 24 inch marine glos run on standard strip lights. 2 of the 3 48 inch tubes are actinic blues and the other is a white.

when im shooting outside the tank i generally set the white balance myself or i set to cloudy due to the low lighting compaired to sunlight which is what automatic is set for. if you are going to use a flash outside the tank you need to make sure the flash reflection wont reflect back into the camera so take the picture at an angle to the glass. if you are taking pictures without a flash to perserve the colors produced by your lighting you need to have a tripod and set the camera on an auto timer so that the picture doesnt blur.

if you need anything or have any questions just let me know and ill be more than happy to help.


TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
what a great idea, nice way to take pictures.

Wish I had thought of that when I had the maintenance contract on a huge 18 foot reef tank. I often had to climb in and that would have been a great way to photograph the clowns on the anemones etc...

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