aloha :)


Jan 12, 2008
hey everybody!

My name is Pippa and I'm a 20yr old philosophy student from England - long time cephalopod fan - originally squids but lately it's all about the octopus! I hope one day (not for a good few years yet!) to have the chance to care for one of these rad creatures but mostly I just think they're massively interesting and love learning about all their cool characteristics. They're so clever, they're totally going to take over the world one day!
Actually in one show, forgot the name of it, that they made on the discovery channel about how the future would be, it ended up with giant squids that roamed the world, and pretty much took over. Anyways, welcome to tonmo, im sure you will find a lot to learn here.
:welcome: Is The Future is Wild the show you're thinking of, simple?

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