All I Want For Christmas Is....

You guys crack me up!!! I read the new puns on fryday but put off replying until i had hatched enough bad yolks to reply properly!

Oh well...

Welcome to TONMO Kat!

thanks, colin, it's all very eggciting. i can hardly contain myshellf!
oh, and the cats thought that gizmo was pretty neat too - being great egg-whiskers themselves.

tonmo said:
Wouldn't this discussion be batter in the Cephalofun forum?

Have another... :beer:

Eggzactly. Why don't you scramble over to Cephalofun and transfer the contents of this thread there?

BTW, what do you call an octopus on toast with cream sauce and bacon?
Legs Benedict.

Beating a tasty re-treat,
Al Bumen
Sue Flay
Alma Lett
Sonny Sydup
M. Brio
Perry Larva
Thai-Nee Hatch Ling

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