Nov 24, 2002
HEY All!!!
Remember me???? Melissa and Roxy??? Well, for all you older members you just might!!! Well, I am back, too bad I was gone for so long :frown: ! I am at school, studying to be a marine biologist. Really I am!!! Who woulda guessed. Well, the sight looks GREAT!!! Good job Tony! I hardly recognized it! Well, just writing to say hi!!!
I'd wondered where you'd gone.

So, what papers did you chose in the end, and what's the degree you've enroled in?
Steve-o and Tony,
What papers are you refering to? Hmm... I am going for my BS in marine biology. I am just beginnig though.
I remember hearing from someone that I wouldn't be doing any field work at the early level I am at now. Fortunatlly, my school is totally different than all of that.
All of the specimens we use in one of my labs were caught by us.
In a different lab, I have done things from trawling, identifying, and measuring fish, to measuring the amount of dissolved oxygen to find compensation depths, to counting how many microplankton were in 1 ml. So, I have had a lot of cool stuff to do totally related to marine sciences in general. It is very neat. I am excited about the things I am learning. I will keep yall informed.
P.S. Tony!!! I finally have a suitable pic of Roxy, now I just have to find a scanner!

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