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Euprymna scolopes husbandry


Oct 26, 2015
Hello all,

I am looking for any and all information on Euprymna scolopes. Everything from propagation to happy breeding adults. Tank requirements, life support, temperatures, salinities, diets. Whatever anyone has information about. I am trying to write a proposal to get these guys into my facility.

I know they need the correct species of bioluminescence and have gone through some older threads on here, but just in case there has been some new developments.

Thank you! You guys are awesome!

Jeff Jolly

Nov 30, 2018
@Severine I culture Euprymna berryi and I think you might have more success with these guys compared to scolopes. The tank size will depend on the number of bobtails you want. They are pretty flexible though in terms of what will work for them. You should have a large sump, protein skimmer, good biological filter, etc.. Diet wise, they really prefer live food. For hatchlings, we use mysids then transition to larger shrimps as the squid matures. One thing to note, is these guys eat a lot. We've been successful feeding ours frozen food (but this requires time and patience). Salinity should be 33-37 and I like to keep my temperature a little lower like 20 C.


Staff member
May 30, 2000
I am having trouble getting new Bobtail hatchlings to eat. Any tips?
What are you feeding / what is your process? I am not an expert, and this may not be same/same, but it may help:
Hoping others will chime in.