ahabs tank

Feb 24, 2005
heres the tank ahab is in...


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the den used to be just to the right of the fighting conch shell that is in the middle of the tank. now the den is under the little rock on the far left side...

his tankmates at the moment are...
a ton of blue and red leg hermits
a ton of mexican turbo snails
a few very large turbos
2 pajama cardinals
yellow watchman goby
and a large (4 inches) lawnmower blenny

so far none of the fish have been messing with the octopus... lately the lawnmower (who is sitting in his home in the conch shell in the picture) has actually been sitting outside the den cleaning up the scraps and ahab just watches ocassionally reaching for a scrap himself. i dont think the cardinals even know hes in there and they probably dont care because they are too fast for him more than likely same with the watchman goby. and on the up side... the hermits are almost too small for ahab so he ignores them and the hundreds of hermits that are in there are becoming a very efficient clean up crew. anyway thats his home and the reason there is so much rock and a few corals is because when my reef tank crashed i just threw everything into here... ahab seems happy though so no changes will be made.
I'm interested in what else is in the tank in the way of corals and so forth -for instance, I think I see a few mushrooms.

ive got frillies, blue, blue pimpled, purple, and a few unknown mushrooms, two different species of toadstool, pink eagle eye zoos, gorilla nipple zoos, kalyxum leather, star polyps, and encrusting gargonian.

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