afew fluffy pics and little story.


Jul 17, 2006
first the pics :biggrin2:




now a little story
last night i woke up at early to the sound of my filter malfunctioning. after realizing fluffy wasnt in the main tank turning off the filter and cheaking the floors i noticed his wiglling arounf past the blue netting on my overflow :bugout: were the heater filter and acces to the outside is. as soon as i lifted the blue netting he pulled himself into the main tank but what a scare! he seems fine now and all limbs are in tact.
We've seen a lot of reports of octos trying to get out of the tank when they notice something is off with the water quality... I'm assuming you've taken care of the filter problem, but it's probably wise to check the water parameters and do a water change as well if you haven't already.
i checked the params and everything seems fine. ill have my LFS do a double check for me next time i get a chance. im doing a water change for safety
and i rinsed out his prefilter.
its possible that he just covered up the netting with his body any the water pressure broke the netting seal sending fluffy into the filter area
the filter problem itself was cause because fluffy was blocking the water flow up.

[EDIT] i cheaked my nitrates again and they are indeed hight at 40ppm. off to do more water changes!
im glad you all like the pics :smile:
i used to alternate between silver sides and squid with the occasional shrimp but he only eats the squid or shrimp now. speaking of octo food i got a free 20 gallon tank that ill use to house some fiddles for fluffy and play around with with breeding and rearing little fiddlers.
One member had some serendipitous luck with breeding fiddlers but I don't know if they survived long enough to feed. She seemed to think keeping them in the dark was part of the unintended success (they were moving and the box was left covered and not located immediately). I would love to be able to breed some of these for the babies if you discover anything.
trates are below 10 now and fluffy seems back to normal :cool2: but now my pH is low :/

i have no personal exeriance with fiddlers but from what iv read breeding is the easy part. if you keep them in brackish water with access they should breed on their own. rearing is hard because the larval stage grow in full saltwater eating zooplankton from the water column then go back to brackish. ill see if i can move and little fiddlers to a little too gallon tank and feed the Marine Snow or something like that.

i forget who but someone on here also said that fiddlers would breed in a kiddie pool with sand and water so they might not need different water salinities *shrugs* ill see what happens

[edit] found the thread you were talking. not sure what happened there
You are keeping a good eye on nitrates but you could also do with testing for ammonia, especially if there are little incidents like leaving the silverside in the tank.

pH will drop with time, happens quite quickly in some tanks, I use a pH and KH buffer and it keeps the tank between 8.1 and 8.3


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