a warm hello

Oct 18, 2005
Hello all y'all,

C'est moi...Fabuoctolous! Well...I am really not Fabuoctolous, but those wonderful creatures with eight tentacles certainly are! I'm more commonly called Miss Scribbles.

I've been reading this forum for ages...and have been so grateful for all the truly knowledgable people that share their knowledge within this forum. Simply amazing, and certainly invaluable to an ignorant newbie like me.

Yes, I plan to "get" an octopus...but I've many miles of research to go before "bringing baby home."

So please be patient with me! I plan to ask LOTS of questions, and probably bore you all to tears with the desire to do everything "right..."

Thankfully I have a significant amount of animal experience, both as a hobbyist and a past zookeeper...so I really respect the experience of all of you who have been successfully keeping these marvelous beings.
They are such a wonder, aren't they?

Currently, I'm a freelance writer, based in Seattle, and have just begun to write on the subject of animal intelligence, across all species...and of course, octopus definitely figure into that topic!

A warm hello to everyone!
Miss Scribbles
Thanks for the welcome, guys!

As for stories from the zookeeping days, nothing is as funny as the Squirt! video on this site!

I'd been up, way too late tonight, poking around from some hobbyist anecdotes about octopus intelligence...watched that video and simply HOWLED out loud! Truly guffawed from the gut so loud I woke my parrots!

Ended up sending it to a historian in Paris and we howled together over the phone...that thing is funny!

Still snickering,
Miss Scribbles

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