A visit to the new Museum in Vernal, Utah


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Nov 19, 2002
somewhere under the desert sky
The Utah Friends of Paleontology had their annual convention in Vernal over this last weekend. The state of Utah just built a new museum to show off some of the fossils from Dinosaur National Monument and surrounding areas. We got a tour of the museum, and I thought I would share some pics of the Cephs they have. (I have uploaded 2 into the cuttlefish gallery, I hope someone can tell me how to move them over into the fossil gallery :oops: )


The small vert, in the string of Pliosaur verts, was found by me about 10 years ago, thats' why it dont fit so well.
Yo Kevin, you guys are spoiled rotten :mrgreen: all we've got in Thetford is a steam engine in a shed next to a burnt out supermarket !

I feel a bit stupid because as the page was loading I thought the pliosaur vertebrae display was a cake, but the small one on the left is way sexy.

I'd like all the children who read this topic to take a good look at Kevin's "Pancake" picture & tell me what the 2 ol' timers are doing wrong ?

answers on a postcard to "A big slab of rock squashed my grandad" competion c/o Tonmo.com. The winner will receive something expensive from Tony.
Kevin, you have found a partial pliosaur!!!!!! OMG!

What can you tell us about it? Has it been identified?

:notworth: :notworth: :notworth: :notworth:
I just found that one (1) cervical vertebra :frown: . The others were found together (not articulated), I found mine a few miles away. There are quite a few scattered bones found in the Stump Formation, Pliosaurs and Icthyosaurs, but I don't think there has ever been a complete skeleton found, at least not that I know of.
Phil, isn't he soooooooooooooooooooo modest :roll:
I thought I'd found a lump of marine reptile myself from the upper greensand (Monmouth beach strangely enough) but everyone I asked said it was a sponge - dull :frown:
so Kevin you should be well chuffed :notworth:
To anyone who passes thro' chez Spartacus who doesn't know a pair of plyers from a pliosaur, I lie & tell 'em it's reptilian as it carries more kudos.
(I don't do shame) :twisted:

talking of ichthyosaurs as we were, have you seen the monster ich from Cacananadada ? British Columbia I believe, I realise it's not exactly hot off the press but I caught it on Nat Geog on Sunday. Betsy Nicholls the Royal Tyrrell Museum & her 23metre, 80 tonne Triassic behemoth ! :shock:

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