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A question about hermit crabs.


May 8, 2003
While on a quest to prepare "Harvey's House," I discovered a source of hermit crabs, this is not an endorsement for any company. Now that that's out of the way, I was wondering if most octopi will take the dwarf crabs available at this website (see below). They were very certain that these crabs simply would not be on the menu. Thanks all!

By the way, I am waiting for Harvey to arrive this morning!

Saltwater Crabs: Hermit Crab Species for Saltwater Tanks

Which hermit crabs are you referring to? I had tiny blue-leg hermits in my tank for some time before Gollum arrived, indeed I ordered a whole bunch of 'em (about 50!) on some special sale either from this site or one similar, as part of a larger critter order. I wasn't sure at the time what he'd need to eat...I eventually learned he could live off amphipods on my live rock.

Gollum was not a bimac (he was a smaller species) and he gobbled these guys up no problem. I'd be surprised if your Harvey would not eat them...? Also...have you checked out Tonmo's live shrimp offering? Cheaper than hermit crabs...

Thanks for the info, I was interested in the 3 dwarf hermits, I wanted to order about 20 of each, and I am also looking at my 46 gal for housing the shrimp offered by TONMO, which will also be a sourse of food for Harvey.

Harvey won't be arriving today, they assured me that he would arrive today, but the supplier didn't fill the order :x. Will keep everyone posted.

I'm a Pygmy Octo!!! 8)
Congratulations! Yes, they laughed at us when we were larval masses, but soon, yes, soon, you shall be a GPO, and THEN who will be laughing? :twisted:

So you're planning on shrimp AND hermits? Awesome...I'm sure you'll have one VERY happy octo.


As I've seen on the board here, different octos seem to have different tastes. Tralfaz has never shown any real interest in hermits, he also ignores the shrimp in his tank at this point. He loves crayfish and snails.

I've read that some of his siblings like everything from clams to hermits. I think that you will probably just have to see what type of food your octo will prefer (or even accept).

"They're all gonna laugh at you!"
"I'm sorry Cassie"
:evil: And then Carrie had her revenge! :twisted:

Harvey will have a menu that rivals "The Four Seasons" resturaunt! And I am prepared to experiment with various items, even (gasp) frozen.

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