A PreemptiveHappy Thanksgiving !


TONMO Supporter
Mar 15, 2003
Happy Thanksgiving all ! Writing now due to some jaw work to be done tomorrow (is my dentist the marquis de sade or what?...turkey through a straw,anyone? :biggrin2: ) and will be zoned out on wed/thurs, and this whole time stream and continuum thing makes me crazy...but have a great day, and give thanks that you have family and friends!!!!
Congrats and salute! :glass:
greg and shanlyn
Happy Thanksgiving! Now I have something else to be thankful for: not having jaw work done the day before Thanksgiving. :mrgreen:

Take it easy Greg, we're glad you don't need your jaw to post on TONMO.com... :wink:
Cruel and unusual punishment!

Ouch!!!!! Double whammy of bad luck!
Hope everyone else has a happy and safe holiday.
We're spending ours on Catalina Island and may see some ceph's on the glass bottom boat tour. Rock on!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

What is it with dentists????I now know of 5 people having major work done the day before the pig out holiday ( and giving thanks I'm not one :mrgreen: ) Anyway, wishing you as painless a visit as possable!!!

well, not as bad as I had thought...can't talk for a few days (Shanlyn is happy without my sarcastic humour though) but all in all, not too horrible...lots of happy pills, and a drink or two...right as rain!
Catch you on the flip side!

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