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Mar 15, 2003
The amount of footwork, emailing, phonecalls, etc done by everyone was staggering...just wanted to say:


from all of us who attended and were part of the show...wonderful time with great people, we all learned a tremendous amount of information, and perhaps best of all, Shanlyn (after hearing Sir Righty's talk) has agreed to let me keep cuttles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also, thanks to Erich, Rebecca, Tom, and Shanlyn for being patient when I was upset about not being able to see Cthulhu, and watching me not throw up the oyster. Film at eleven.

I did find it odd that you and Cthulhu were never in the room at the same time... Hmm....

I certainly echo those thanks. It definitely exceeded my expectations, and I probably had pretty high expectations. I was talking with pipsquek and Righty and we were musing about how much we had learned that day. There was so much good information being shared.

I also had never really experienced hanging out with people that I could weave relatively detailed comments about cephs within discussions about whatever else. Or, indeed, just talk about cephs outright! That made it quite a remarkable experience for me.

And everyone was friendly and engaging. It's really a great community!
tonmo said:
I did find it odd that you and Cthulhu were never in the room at the same time... Hmm....

dang oysters !!!! (or actually, just "oyster", the other five were fine...) can't believe I missed him AGAIN!!!!!
Add my thanks to everyone. I know putting together this kind of event can be hair pulling - but it all went so well! Thanks!
I have been to a lot of conventions - the corporate whore thing - and this one had the most bang for the buck. Every talk was interesting and the day was varied. It was quite worthwhile, and I think there should be another one! :biggrin2:

Sir Righty! Sweet! I am a Sir!
yes, thanks and kudos to all who contributed to putting together a great experience for TONMOCON1! I had a great time! :cheers:
Yeah, at the last convention I attended, the days would just drag on forever. I couldn't believe how quickly this one went. Six talks (or was it 7? I lost my agenda) and my mind didn't wander once. I usually can't make it through 15 minutes with most topics.

And did I mention how cool MBARI is?

Many thanks!!!!!
Many thank yous

Big thanks to Erich, for all the sweat equity he put in to this meeting and to Tony for starting it all. Thank you all the presenters, to MAOS, to MBARI and Tom for showing us around, and to Gilly for opening his lab to us, too. Thanks to pipsquek for reserving the Crown and Anchor, bringing Big Red and showing up against all odds. Special thanks to Greg for being so well-dressed at the end of Saturday! Thanks to everyone who showed up - you all made the entire event a success. :cool2:

Pictures after I recover from the red-eye flight.


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