A new adventure begins!


Pygmy Octopus
Jul 4, 2006
Hello all =) Ive been lurking here for quite some time! Having such a strong interest in cephs, this is the place to be! You are all so wonderful.

So anyway, I recently did my annual vacation tour down the Florida coast. Ive been collecting plants from around the state for forever and a day and
this time decided to go invert'ing. All down the gulf I snatched up buckloads of crabs snails urchins etc. We headed down into the keys for the main purpose of getting some of those nifty red legged hermit crabs astrea snails and as many red mangrove propagules as I could grab. As we were arriving we decided to stop at Duck Key to snap a couple rolls of the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen. Upon getting down to the water I noticed a submersed Budweiser rug. Having the curiosity of a child and an aquaria selection capable of housing all but the largest of whales I simply had to do what every one of you would have done, Take a look underneath! The first thing I noticed was what seemed to be rocks crawling away from me amidst a cloud of dark stuff. It only took me a second before I realised it was an octopus! A bouncing baby briareus no large than the palm of my hand.

It has been 2 weeks now and she is starting to come out during the day. My green mythrax crabs were the first to go. Then went the flame angel I had purchased weeks before. I hope she enjoyed that dinner! My only remaining fish are 2 pajama cardinals and a lawnmower blenny. Im going to be driving out to Canaveral on Friday to hopefully collect a few months worth of crabs. Still a bit camera shy, I have only had the chance to get a horrible picture from the phone.


Her name is Maud and I love her =)

Thanks for reading

Sean :biggrin2:
Nice looking Octopus and oh yeah, welcome!

Sounds like you have an excellent resource living near the source. Let me be the first to encourage you to post more pictures of your new friend as well as your setup(s).

Ah, what a lovely surprise to find her like that! Don't apologise about the quality, any photo of an octo in the wild is worth seeing. Most hypnotic.

Welcome to TONMO and I look forward to reading more of your encounters.
:welcome: I am sooo jealous! That is a dream of mine to be able to pick something up and find a baby. He's absolutely beautiful! Best of luck and I"m looking forward to more pics!

Hi and welcome to you and Maud!

She 's so beautiful - and a very lucky briareus to find such a good home. Much better than under the Budweiser rug. Sounds like she'll get the best of fresh food, too.

Look forward to more pics as she grows. In the meantime, I'm adding her to the List of Our Octopuses at the top of Journals and Photos.

is it just me or does that octo look very very farmilar? she looks much lke roktopus's octo... i woundred if she isnt a briarus and the same species that is roktopus's...

Not sure if there is a quicktime problem or a browser problem. I had to right click-save link as. Clicking on the link only left my browser staring at me in a state of bewilderment. Looks like a 10 minute download for me. Sorry for the problems.
Maud lived a long 6 months with me. She enjoyed the freshest of foods and the cleanest of waters. She remained spunky and curious up until the end. Her favorite toy was a red toothbrush I used to scrub the tank (she ignored the bright purple one.) We shared a relationship I will never forget!

There are plans in the works to bring a cuttle or two into my home! Lots of thanks to the TONMO community for sharing your countless experiences and endless knowledge.


To correct the broken link earlier in the thread http://zoose.org/pix/maud/

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