A little fun with ranks :-)


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May 30, 2000
The TONMO.com Message Board system is now taking advantage of the "rank" feature. Members are ranked based on the number of posts they've posted to the message board. For example, users who have posted between 1 and 6 posts are given the rank "Hatchling". From 7 to 15 posts you are a "Pygmy Octopus". You get the idea...

Member rank status appears to the left of member posts, just below the username.

Note that you shouldn't try to post lots of meaningless/blank notes just to improve your rank, we'll all know what you're trying to do... :wink: :mrgreen:

11/5/05 Edit: Here is the current list:
10/30/18 Edit: top rank is now "Kraken" :smile:

Lurker 0
Hatchling 1
Pygmy Octopus 7
Cuttlefish 15
Blue Ring 30
O. bimaculoides 50
O. vulgaris 75
GPO 100
Wonderpus 175
Vampyroteuthis 250
Haliphron atlanticus 500
Architeuthis 1000
Colossal Squid 2500
Titanites 5000
Cthulhu 10000
Kraken 20000

The ranks above are applicable to the following user types / user groups:

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LOL, would i post a meaningless post? :P

LOL but yeah, it sound slike a good idea, althought possibly alkl it will do is encouarage ppl to spam.

kinda like this....

im confused.
Nah, it's a well tested board feature, I just hadn't gotten around to using it here. Believe me, spam has no place here, it will be removed...
i hope architeuthis, haliphron and mesonblahblah (whatever the full name is) lay beyond vapyroteuthis......maybe even put the highest level beneath moderator as cthulhu.....
Ok, here are the ranks. Whitekiboko, right on the money!


Ranks subject to change as the community grows... :cthulhu: I should note that ranks mean nothing at all -- just some fun eye candy. :cyclops:
tonmo said:
Ok, here are the ranks. Whitekiboko, right on the money!

im either a genius, psychic, or neither.... so i guess people can only unofficially pull rank on someone....hmmmm not quite the power trip i was looking for, but i guess itll do... :smile:

"I am so smart, I am so smart, S, M, R, T.....i mean S, M, A, R, T"
- Homer Simpson
I think we should include this colossal ammonite Titanites in there somewhere (2000+).

Heavens, at 257 posts I haven't even made Architeuthis yet!!!! I'm still a giant gelatinous octopus.
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