a few pics of olorin(Gandalf)

Dec 15, 2007
I need a better camera.


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Can we call him Mithrandir, too? :old: thanks for the pics!
So what name do you want me to use in the List of Our Octopuses? I'd like to add your beautiful briareus.

Yes, try to get a better camera or at least invite someone over who had a good camera. You don't want to miss all those wonderful shots.

This is the first in-tank photo I have seen that shows the web capture and I had wondered if they display it in an aquarium. It is a good thing Neal only reads the threads I send him to. That "web-over-rock" behavior has him determined that we should look for a briareus after we convert our reef tank and I want a Vulgaris :wink: (actually either will be a delight).
olorin is his name,and i am working on getting a new camera.Maybe tomorrow.
he does the "web over rock thing" rather often.he is alot of fun,the other morning shortly after the lights came on I had a pice of shrimp in my hand, and he shot out of his den and climbed out of the tank to get it.Unfortunatly my camera was in the other room,maybe next time I'll have it handy.
In case it reduces confusion, I recognized (even without the note) that Olorin is one of the other names Gandalf in Lord of the Rings used, as is Mithrandir, hence my other comment.

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