A bit of cephalopoetry

Dec 10, 2007
Hi--new here.

I thought some of you might enjoy some of this. Not all of it is cephalopod-centric (and that which is is not all octopus!), but I have enjoyed it.

For instance, this one...
Oh, the cephalopods have their Octopus Gods,
With tentacles stronger than steel,
Who have taken down ships with their powerful grips
And made many a sailor a meal.


and in the spirit of the season, a Squidmas Carol...
It was late December, down in the bathysphere,
And the holiday spirit was anywhere but here.
Half a mile down it’s as black as ink
No room to move, but there’s time to think
How I miss, how I miss that topside squidmas cheer!

You can’t “Fa-la-la” with a rad-u-la, my darling
You can’t “Fa-la-la” with a rad-u-la, my dear.
And that star so bright—
It made you flip your lid?
It’s the photophoric action of the firefly squid
It’s the way we know that squidmastime is here!

:welcome: to TONMO and thanks for the poetry pointer!

edit: the fabric brains link is great, too.

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