9 baby bandensis


Colossal Squid
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Jan 22, 2004
Hey guys,

Three weeks ago on Aprill 19th 07 I received 10 bandensis eggs from Seacrop. They were already hatching in the bag. :biggrin2:

I lost one, I believe it actually got tangled in the cheatomorpha which acted like a gill net.

They are in the new 6 gallon nursery that I built that is plumbed into the main system. They have been eating mysids, amphipods and perhaps TiggerPods from Reef Nutrition.

With them not being in a net breeder I have seen them swimming in the water column at night, while during the day they are all about the sand.

Here are a couple of pics from the day after I got them. The acrylic next to the baby is 1/4 inch thick.
This is good news! I hope you keep us posted with pics of your baby bandensis.

Thanks for giving us the thickness of the acrylic. They're really tiny.

Bigger now. 9 days after the last post and they are almost growing visibly. I'll have new video for my talk at the convention.

Look the this pic and compare it with those above - the acrylic is the same. :biggrin2:
The 8 are still doing well, and the growth is incredible. They are on large shore shrimp and yesterday I saw one cuttle collect 3 shrimp in succession.
My last batch, the 'imperial cuttle march' batch were kept in a tank with a black background, and they were often white or light colored. The current batch has a blue background and I am seeing a much larger range of colors, as well as much more digging in the sand.
Pics and vid when I have time and a fixed computer. :biggrin2:
Will do! Actually, I am refurbing the whole system this week (gonna be sooo much nicer) so it may take a little time. =)
Thales;97842 said:
Will do! Actually, I am refurbing the whole system this week (gonna be sooo much nicer) so it may take a little time. =)

Nice! Tell me if you need any help! My tank parameters on good test kits are still all good. I have small baby section plumbed in also.
Joe, will do!

I changed out the entire system yesterday. Phew, tired. Again pics soon!

But the most interesting thing was that I saw two of the kids doing male display at each other - three months old! Got a pic, will try to get it up soon. :biggrin2:
Still haven't time to go through all the pics, but I am sitting here watching 5 month old males display at each other while others mate. Pretty intense stuff.

The other night I saw some random aggression.

Again, I find it interesting that these guys never fought until I moved them to a larger home. It may be coincidence though.

Hopefully I will get some time to be more through when my daughter starts school next week.

Not only are the eating frozen shrimp, but they have laid eggs! I am pretty amazed, as they are only like, 2-3 inches long at this point. It was fun watching them lay the eggs - one male keeping the others away.
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