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700$ pls help me choose the best skimmer in the market


Nov 8, 2005
hi every1
had octos for a few years now ,mainly vulgaris(i catch 'em myself-at the shore)-
i got a 110g aquarium-and wanna buy the very BEST hang on skimmer!
im willing to spend up to 700$-if thats needed
was looking at deltek models,tunze and aquaC-they all seem good-but i need something extra strong for my (very)heavy popolated aquarium

if you want ill send you pictures of the ones ive built that work great and i did them for under like 50 bucks not including the pumps and they work better than any skimmer ive seen
If it were my money to spend I would invest some of the money in a sump. That way the remainder could get an excellent skimmer such as the new euro reef recirculating, low wattage models. With hang on you are limited to effectiveness of the skimmer due to size constraints as well as having to screen off the pump intake to prevent octo exploration. The sponge filters will catch debris and detritus that would otherwise be removed from the system by the skimmer.

If you cannot do the sump, I have had very good reports regarding the deltec hang on skimmers. Good luck.
Have a look at the thread about third down from the top of the Tank Talk forum - Which protein skimmer do you have...... You'll find a good discussion by our members.

I've looked at many reviews of protein skimmers and looked at owners' reports on Reef Central. There are so many brands on the market and there seems to be no concensus about which is best or even which brands are good. The one most praised in the Aqua C Remora and Aqua C Remora Pro, which are backpacks. I also read reviews from people who hated that brand! There was a lot of talk about an expensive European model called Bubble King. Euro Reef had supporters as did the Deltec MCE 660. The Turbofloater 1000 was considered good but hard to use.

So there's no one easy answer here!


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