6 Months for Ollie

Nancy said:
No, I'm not going to take Ollie out of the water and let him walk around the house! :)

Ollie has a good view of things from his tank. About a month ago he was very curious about the world outside his tank, so we allowed him to climb up and sit on the edge of his tank and feel all around it, while we were there to help him. That seemed to satisfy his curiosity. Since then he hasn't wanted to come out again. I tape up the tank very well so he can't go exploring on his own, too.

oh, you are way too overprotective, just let him do his own exploring will ya. :P
i know, lol.
Just let him walka round you're house with you and explore more then just the edge of his tank.
You can just let him explore for AT LEAST 1 minute, and then put him back in the water. He needs more space.
That's a good idea.

If any of u have a boring tank that has nothing for you're octopus 2 explore, let it walk out of the tank once in a while and that should take care of it;s stress and boredom mabye?
Just asking.
I wouldn't be inclined to tanke Ollie for a walk no matter how keen he seemed! THe big species seem to cope with being out of water for some time (we've spent some considerable time wrestling our big guy back into a tank ANY tank! But our midgets quite often die if they go exploring (we're talking 10cm or so total length here) they just don't have the stamina!

BTW on the subject of measuring, I think the only relatively accurate measure of a live octi is between the eyes (Steve is this right????) cos they're soooooo stretchy!

I'm not taking Ollie out for a stroll, but he isn't that small. You're right, it's hard to measure something that can change sizes, but I estimate his body at about 7 inches long, and the arms about 14 inches, but stretching to 21 inches at times! So he's must be a full grown bimac.

I'm going over to Physiology and Biology and ask your question, Jean - how do you measure a live octopus, and his eyes aren't exactly stationary, either!

I think getting him in the bowl would be the problem!

But since he has come out to sit on the edge of the tank, I guess he has already seen some of the house!

Ollie seems content to stay home now and just have visitors.


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