6 Months for Ink Too!!!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
In the beginning of October Ink will have been with me for 6 months!! This time has flown! I have been really lucky to have had him so long! He deffinately has us wound around all his legs!!!!! I was thinking about the other topic about how I interact with Ink. One of the things I do is drum my fingers on the glass. He comes from where ever he is to see what's up! We also do head bobbing and hide and seek! I find if I move beyond his sight, he crams his eye till he finds me! The one shot of him sticking out from the glass, he had a huge crab he had just grabbed from my hand.

Anyway, more pictures!!!!

Hi Carol,

Congratulations to you and Ink on achieving 6 months of happiness together. I see Ink still has his Lego block!

Thanks for posting the pics. Ink always seems to be enjoying his life.

Ink looks great!

I just came across this photo sitting on my desktop, I fiddled with one of your recent postings, got pulled into something else and forgot to post it.... so... here's what Ink's thinking as you measure him... :smile:
Good one Tony!!! Ya know ya might have hit on something!! Maybe Ink is stock piling shells (see my new post on behavior change) to keep me and the camera away!!!!! Maybe he's developed a phobia to the obnoxious food source with the bright light that is always in his face!!!! :shock:



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