3 Weeks for Egor and Gimpy Update


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Egor continues to hide but has himself positioned where he can observe what is going on in the livingroom. He seems to come out more when Spongebob is on. He is eating at least one fiddlercrab a day. Whenever I tap on the tank he comes to the front of his cave to see who is there. I have noticed, when my sons try to observe him, he flashes more colors than when I am there. Tells me he does know the difference in faces. He is O. Briareus, so I need to think about a larger tank at some point.

Gimpy is still holed up in her cave. When you shine a light under the rock you can see her eye. She took a crab about a week ago, killed it and then make a point of coming out to put it far from her den. Only time she has come out in a month.
Hi carol

what do you think of the briareus as a pet species compared to the bimaculoides? any significant differences?
Well I have kept both species. As far as personalities, Bimac out weighs the Braireus, big time. The Baireus is much more reclusive than a Bimac, and to a certain extent alittle more aggressive. I also noted that the Baireus is alot tougher than a Bimac and can handle far more fluctuations in tank conditions than a Bimac. I never had a Bimac eat every fish in the tank, may have tried but never got them all, but the Braireus on the other hand is a very good hunter even when very small, so absolutely NO other fish in the tank. Trust me on this one:roll: Personally I love the Baireus over Bimac, due to the nature of the beast, meaning I like the reclusiveness,the cunning, even the stealth the Braieus shows and I only she her when shes hungry and then man do you see her. I'm ordering fiddler crabs for her this week and I'm going to turn them loose in the tank so she can free feed. Should be fun to watch.:razz: Hope that helps
Is that ok to do? You know let them all go in the tank? I have added a couple here and there but I was worried that if I put too many in at one time my octo would over eat.
First of all, your octo will not overeat. You can find discussions of this on past posts.

Secondly, you can let fiddlers go in the tank. If they have no place to crawl out, they can live a few weeks (my experience). I don't know whether your octo would find them all. My bimac Ollie learned to look where I pointed, so I could spot them for her and guide her. Those little fiddlers tend to disappear when put into the tank. I wouldn't put too many into the tank at a time - maybe 5 or 6.

The same is true with the small (1 inch) shrimp. Sometimes I put 30 or 40 in a 46 gallon tank. For an adult bimac, that number of shrimp will last a day or two! There are always one or two very smart shrimps that escape - they make good scavengers. I even hand fed one of them.

Thanks for clarifying that Nancy. Yes I do let some go in the tank but not all of them. So far all the Braireus' I have kept are very good hunters and not a fiddler or a shrimp has escaped them....totally awesome to watch... guess that makes me a sick puppy of sorts :razz: oh well :roll:
Interesting Debbie to hear your insight into this new octo. I have noticed he can be very sneaky. You walk out in the livingroom and he's out but as you said sneakily sneaks back into his den but positions with "The EYE" watching. Very different from all the Bimacs I have had the pleasure to experience. And now that my food supply has dwindled in that tank, I am rationing so he gets used to me being the food God. I had about 20 wild caught crabs in his tank plus quite a population of local shrimp but now am down to maybe 6 shrimp and 2 or 3 smart crabs. I think I am going to need to really take some time with this one, not that I didn't with the bimacs but he's is so much more wary and lurking, unlike the Bimacs.

Egor was out this morning! I was so excited. I cautiously approached the tank and sat on the floor beside him and he inched his way over and reached out to touch my face! Those long long arms....He's so cool. There's new tiny arms growing at the end of all his arms. and the one that was missing is about an inch long. This is the first time he's tried to make contact with me. After the encounter, he slithered off back to his cave, but stopped several times to watch me. I wanted to get the camera but I didn't want to spook him. He has rocks, and snail shells, and colored glass stockpiled in his cave. He seems to have a liking to anything with color. None of my bimacs unless they were denning did this.

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