25-Foot Long Crochet Giant Squid


Apr 6, 2003

When I was a wee lad, my mom made me a plush moray eel and a plush torpedo ray. They were lovely, resplendent in early-70's textile patterns, and I keep them to this day.

With all due respect and love for my mother, however, someone's eclipsed her achievement:

25-Foot Long Crochet Giant Squid

That's the work of Ladylinoleum, who hails from Los Angeles.

Erich, go find this mad crocheting genius at once.

CapnNemo said:
My ghast is well and truly flabbered :shock:

Well said. Perhaps there could be a TONMO "Los Angeles Locals" field trip for a viewing.
do these people have lives? im come on that must have taken years! i mean holy beep thats beeping insane! that would be like tying your shoes over and over and over and over and over and over again for like 3 years!! she could have just bought a live ceph for the amount of money she put into freaking yarn!
I MUST hunt this amazing artist down for better pics! This is truly, truly awe-inspiring!:shock:
I emailed the artist (her name is Regina Gonzalez) and this is what she said

"Hey Jennifer, thanks for your inquiry...sadly the giant squid is residing up in my closet right now, however if you've got a group that wants to see it, I can take my show on the road (I'm serious).

~ Regina"

Her email is ladylinoleum@hotmail.com
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