12th Annual Seattle Aquarium Octopus CensusJanuary. Jan. 14-16, 2012


Jun 26, 2008
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Calling all divers!

Here's an excuse to go diving during the holiday weekend and collect data on a Puget Sound icon. Help us learn more about Puget Sound's Giant Pacific Octopus population and environment. Meet Seattle Aquarium staff and volunteers to learn more about octopuses, the Octopus Census, Octopus Week activities and the Aquarium's Volunteer Diver program at:

Redondo Beach, Des Moines
Saturday, January 14

Cove 2 Alki, West Seattle
Sunday, January 15

Meet our partner, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, at:
Tacoma’s Les Davis Park
Sunday, January 15

Collect your data at these suggested sites: Alki Pipeline, Seacrest, 4 Mile Rock Barges, Shilshole Bay Barges, Three Tree Point, Edmonds Underwater Park, Edmonds Wrecks, Redondo, Richmond Beach, Blakely Rocks and Blakely Reef, Maury Island Barges, Tacoma Narrows, Titlow Bach, Possession Point Ferry, Day Island, Richmond Point Wreck, Sunrise Beach, Keystone, Langely Tire Reef, Fox Island, Taylor Bay Wrecks, Hoodsport, Sund Rock, Octopus Hole, Hamma Hamma Wall, Hood Canal Bridge, Saltwater State Park and Les Davis Pier.

Information to collect during your dive(s):

Date of dive
Den type
General size
Location of dive site
Bottom substrate
How many Giant Pacific Octopuses were seen at a single dive site during each dive. (How to tell the difference between a Giant Pactific Octopus and a Red Octopus)
Is the octopus on eggs
If you go diving during these three days, we’d like to know whether or not you see any Giant Pacific Octopuses. Submit your data by filling out the Octopus Census reporting form (the form will be available January 14-16).

To view the findings from the 2011 Octopus Census, click here.