1. OctopusChan

    Latest updating of my Common Octopus

    I noticed Oct Paul is an vulgaris too ? They look the same. During the 30 days my oct have gained about 20% on weight. He really eats a lot.Even 13 crabs in 2 days once. As the system of my tank is not strong enough. NO3 and PO4 may become a problem.
  2. OctopusChan

    [Octopus]: vulgaris dropping rubbish

  3. OctopusChan

    [Octopus]: vulgaris

    I had received my oct and kept them for two days. Today I cut a mantis shrimp to half to feed them,the male one ate only a part and the female one took all. There are still a problem:the female one get hurt on the back of mantle(skin is not cover ),I can see she is sensitive about the wound,but...
  4. Edin

    Soon to be Octopus Owner!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I apologize if this is in the wrong section; just finding the New Thread button was quite a journey for me. I've been reading up on octopus care for a little while now and have decided to get one but I still have a few questions I was hoping I could get some help...
  5. Kcraun76

    [Octopus]: Frank - O. vulgaris

    My new Octopus Frank. Please identify, not shy at all. Appears very territorial. How often should I feed him. He was supposed to come from the gulf of Mexico. Thank you!
  6. sirreal

    [Octopus]: Intro Casper - O. vulgaris

    Hello all. Its been some time since I have been around. Lots of things changed for me in the past year but not my love for all octopus. Casper was found in a shell by a friend of mine. I am 99% sure its a Merc. Very different then all my other mercs. I know the first couple of weeks they can...
  7. Nathan Belz

    [Octopus]: Olaf - O. Vulgaris - Need help - new Octo just arrived and no idea what to do...

    Ok so this is my first post although I have been following this board for a while. The title might be a little dramatic. Basically my wife suprised me this morning with a new octopus delivery for xmas. I had been planning on getting one eventually but wasn't really ready to pull the plug. I...
  8. Steve Biggie

    Octopus Vulgaris

    Ok, well I just might set the record for negative replies on this thread.... Here goes, New to Ceph care and know nothing other than what I've browsed here. I have a new but 3month established 120g tank. The plan has always been to build a really awesome octopus tank....good so far? I live in...
  9. LittleBit 2011/04/21 - 2012/01/20 Octopus Vulgaris

    LittleBit 2011/04/21 - 2012/01/20 Octopus Vulgaris

    LittleBit 2011/04/21 - 2012/01/20 O. vulgaris Wild Caught Female Eggs: 2011/12/23 known infertile
  10. J

    Impulse Octo Buy Journal

    Hello all! My name is Jack! Been an aquarist for a long time. But after my divorce, i moved from florida to ny and left my 170 gallon and many other small aquariums behind... for the past month ive been getting a small aquarium ready, no fish only 6 hermit crabs, some live sand, some live...
  11. DWhatley

    [Octopus]: LittleBit - O. vulgaris

    I posted an ID request on this little guy thinking an odd looking O.briareus or a very long armed O.vulgaris from the initial preshipment photos. This is definitely not a species I have kept but I am still in a quandry as to what it might be. O. defilippi fits the long arm to mantle ratio and...
  12. skywindsurfer

    Octopus ??? (yet to be named)

    As may already know, I purchased what I believe is an Octopus Vulgaris a few days ago. While I will not keep a very detailed journal on this guy, I will still post things from time to time.
  13. CaptFish

    Penelope - O.Vulgaris

    I pulled my remaining Stone crab traps, and came up with no octopuses so I broke down and got my next O.Briareus from Tom. :sagrin: But it appears I got a Hummelincki instead! WooHoo! Acclimation was fast as the octopus was only in route for about an hour, and the parameters of the water in...
  14. nickcoletti

    anyone wanna try to identify?

    i just got this guy today and its my first! i did a lot of research but apparently not enough. the supplier tells me its a Vulgaris and it should only get about a foot long so i figured that would be perfect for my 75g. now i read if its what the supplier tells me its is, its going to get up to...
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