anyone wanna try to identify?

Mar 21, 2007
i just got this guy today and its my first! i did a lot of research but apparently not enough. the supplier tells me its a Vulgaris and it should only get about a foot long so i figured that would be perfect for my 75g. now i read if its what the supplier tells me its is, its going to get up to 3 feet! ive read that suppliers often give wrong names so from the pictures im able to take now with the octopus just getting use to the tank, can someone take a guess of what it is? its mantle is about the size of a ping pong ball and its legs are about 5-8 inch's... as time goes on and it becomes more use to the tank i will be able to provide better pictures. if anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated!


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:welcome: to you and your new :octopus:

You are quite correct that stores often use "vulgaris" for "we have no idea what species this is." I vote for briareus as well, but I'm only any good at the "name that octopus" game from watching the real ID experts here around TONMO, so you shouldn't count my vote too heavily. The blue-green tint seems pretty typical of briareus, though. Another thing I can't tell from the pics is that they tend to have long, thin arms compared to some of the other common species about that size.
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well thanks monty and corw314, either way it ends up its still my little pet and i gotta make sure it has a good place. i wish i had more pictures but today hes hiding more than he did yesterday and yesterday was its first day in the tank. well have to see how things unfold but i am very happy that there is a website for people with ceph's, it seems like a pretty cool community we got here. until then thanks for your words!
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Are we looking at pics of the same octopus? The first you posted looked like a long arm species. The second batch of pics could be vulgaris. :hmm:But checking arm length I see one arm is very much shorter and I did see that in one of the first batch of pics, so maybe he was just very stressed in the first batch.
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hi corw,

i think it was more stressed out in the first batch. those pictures were from minutes on letting it out of the bag. the batch i just posted are from today and a little less than a week of having it. its got such a long arm stretch as you can see and at times its arms are thick and short. the arms are mostly short unless its looking around for a snack. hes also got one or 2 tentacles that have been lost and hes working on regrowing them. its got so much character, i absolutely love it! are there any special indications other than arm length that help identify a vulgaris??
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