1. O. chierchiae babies (LPSO) (timeline)

    O. chierchiae babies (LPSO) (timeline)

    Richard Ross (Thales) welcomes discussion on this article in the Exotics and Rare Species forum. Octopus chierchiae is a small rarely seen octopus from Panama/Nicaragua. I was able to obtain 3 animals, 2 male and 1 female, and was able to mate them and have had a successful brood and hatching...
  2. H

    Looking for snails for some Octo babies

    Hey! I’m relatively new to cephalopod care but currently, have an octopus who laid eggs. She has been sitting on them for about a month and I finally saw an eye spot today. So, I have found a source for amphipods and copepods online but am looking for some snails. I have a friend who...
  3. Babies eating

    Babies eating

    Video from Richard Ross' (Thales); cuttlefish babies eating.
  4. Mike Bauer

    Cuttlefish eggs and babies for sale

    :grin: All, I just got an email from the owner of NYAQUATIC and he just got in an order of cuttlefish eggs and babies. He is another person who supplies cuttlefish and will work with you to make sure you are happy. I have had good luck with ordering from this place and when I did have an...
  5. Shrimpy Brains

    New with babies! Crazy right?

    Hello, My name is Amy and I am not new to saltwater, but definitely new to cephs. Wasn't sure where to post this, please move if needed. Anyway, by the luck of where I live, I have recieved 4 baby O. Briareus from Dwhatley. :notworth: (I am sure you have seen her thread) I just...
  6. shipposhack

    [Cuttlefish Eggs]: Cuttle babies

    Last Tuesday (12/11/07) I received two clutches of cuttlefish eggs. Each had 10 eggs, but 3 out of the 20 were deflated leaving me 17. They are in 2 separate net breeders right now, one has more light and flow than the other. I want to see if that makes a difference in activity, growth rate, and...
  7. DWhatley

    [Octopus Eggs]: Trapper's Babies - Tank Raised Mercatoris

    I decided to journal Trapper's hatchlings on a new thread (see [Octopus]: - Trapper - O.mercatoris for the mother's journal and the hatchlings first 12 weeks). Another journal ends the experience with the last two surviving grandchildren. Recap summary: The Mercatoris hatchlings (does anyone...
  8. T

    YEsss, I just caught a baby cuttle fish!!

    Aloha all, Im so excited , I went snorkeling today and caught a baby cuttle fish. He is one inch long! I have some live copepods for him to feed on. Will he eventually take frozen mysis? This is the coolest animal I have had yet. I seen him cruising along on the surface and I was shocked...