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About TONMOCON: The Biennial Cephalopod Conference

Since 2005, every two years TONMO.com members and staff get together in a chosen city (usually near an aquarium or research center) for a day or two of intense cephalopod discussion and socializing.

It's open to everyone: students, hobbyists, professional biologists, and land-lubbers like me. Admittance fees vary per event. They are typically formatted as such:

-- Friday night: meet and greet at some bar or tavern
-- Saturday: full day of presentations according to a set agenda
-- Saturday night: some form of evening social gathering (e.g., back to the bar!)
-- Sunday: informal visits to local aquarium, zoo or lab

We call it TONMOCON, the biennial cephalopod conference, and we hope you can join the next one for a weekend of fun and learning! For more first-hand reports, photos, videos, presentations and more, check out our dedicated TONMOCON Forum.

About the Author
Tony converted TONMO.com into an octopus and cephalopod interest site in May 2000. (Find out more about how TONMO started by reading this blog entry.) He began his career in the online services industry in 1992, working for companies such as Prodigy, iVillage.com, Reuters and Comcast. Tony and his wife Tania are the owners of Deep Intuition, LLC, which is an entity they created to support their entrepreneurial hobbies and pursuits. He graduated from St. Bonaventure University with a B.A. in Mass Communication and lives in Pennsylvania.

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