zeus watches a sunrise!


Jun 4, 2003
well not really but it sure looks like it..
its actually his new tank that he keeps staring longingly at!!

finally borrowed a neighbors camera and got wonderous color shots..
check these out :biggrin2:
hi colin,

its a 30 gallon tank, with hanging skimmer and powerhead, with about 30 lbs of live rock, and live sand...
we would love to put some corals in there as well..the way the rock formation is set up there is a shelf near the light and right in the current created by the powerhead that would be perfect for them... and away from all the caves and such that we made for zeus

we were hoping to be able to move him by the end of the week..but it reallydepends on the levels....the tank seems to be midway through the cycle...
poor guy stares longingly at the new tank..he has a fave corner in the small tank that is directly across from the new, and he hangs out there all day long...

Hi dominika

funny to think that the algae is always greener on the other side of the ceph tank too :smile:
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