Yet another (4th) mass stranding of pilot whales in NZ

Steve O'Shea

TONMO Supporter
Staff member
Nov 19, 2002
This is the 4th mass stranding of pilot whales that we've attended in NZ since Dec 26.

The attached video (new item) shows some of our footage from earlier stranding events. We'll be down for the next few days collection samples from this latest stranding event.

Pictures of ulvers are not so great at this resolution provided in the clip, but you'll see them nevertheless, quite clearly.
Ulvers is ulcers? Funny comment there, Steve, given your own Great Dislike of both smoking AND drinking :wink: Bring it on!

This makes me sooooooooo angry, that and the comment that the industry takes "sustainable" amounts of squid and could "catch 3 times as much" They catch pre-spawned populations in large numbers...................just how is that sustainable?????????? Sealions are considerabley endangered because of the squid fishing industry, whales are endangered because of the fishing industry, the sea bed is damaged..........and so it goes on ad infinitum! :mad:

OK deep breath, calm down ..............back to work!