Yay baby bimac Squiggly bought a plane ticket to my house.


Oct 16, 2003
Today my baby bimac arrived from fishsupply.com, and was I very surprised to see how full of life he was from his long trip from California to New York. I slowly acclimated him to his 150 gallon tank, and upon release he seemed like he has lived here all his life. I kept the lights off but still watched in amazment as he decided to eat a hermit crab an hour after being released from his bag. The hermit crab was in his tank for a future meal I had no idea he was going to eat the first day. Well I am going to go back and watch him as he explores his new environment, unfortunatly the only digital camera I have at this presant time is my cell phone and the quality pictures it takes isnt so great, but I will see what I can do to get some pics of my new baby up. Well no longer than 10 minutes after his first meal he has found a hole about the size of a lima bean right at the base of a piece of live rock, has excavated it and is now his new home. 8) :smile: :mrgreen: :heee: :biggrin2:
I will attempt to get a picture of him, but currently he is playing avoid the human. Hopefully soon he will be acting curious and letting me see him more often. Any ideas on how long this will take before squiggly feels comfortable enough to venture out with me being presant and observing?
Hi Chameleon,

Congratulations on the safe arrival of Squiggly!

It's very common for a little bimac to disappear for a couple of days. In time he will be out more. But it's disappointing, because you want to see your new octi, but be patient.

Quality!! Nice one mate, good to hear he did such a journey in good health.

Keep us posted on him growin up etc Rockthis documented his quite well and it helps future keepers.

Nice one


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