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Pygmy Octopus
Mar 1, 2007
G'day :smile: I was wondering if someone could lead me in the right dirrection to get hold of a small octopus or squid in Australia, I can pay freight. At the moment I don't have a tank setup, but will do hopefully soon, so will be looking to buy sometime soon if something comes up.

If you could post a price, size and species or send me a PM if you have any info that would help me that would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Riley.
Hi Bundy, first up if you don't have your tank set up now then you won't be able to get a ceph "soon" it takes a minimum of 3 months to cycle the tank and you really can't take shortcuts as cephs are sensitive to poor water quality and they produce MASSIVE amounts of waste.

In terms of what to get I don't know that any of the shops in Aussie sell cephs you may need to check that out independently! Squid don't do well in captivity but you may be able to get your hands on a Bobtail, such as Euprymna tasmanica the southern Bobtail squid which is found from Brissie to Shark Bay, or a Bottletail such as Sepiadarium austrinum Southern Bottletail squid or Sepioloidea lineolata, Striped Pyjama Squid, which are found in Southern Aussie. You MAY get away with Idiosepius notoides the southern pygmy squid from south Queensland to the midcoast of western aussie. Octopus (Octopus aculeatus but tis tropical . has a Great Barrier reef distribution in Aus or Octopus bunurong Southern White spot octopus fromSouth east Aussie including Tassie)......there are a number of small species but I don't know how available they are! DO NOT be tempted to get a blue ring!


Thanks a lot for the reply, I now have my tank cycling. I borrowed some media from a marine tank (I know a guy at an aquarium shop) so hopefully that will speed up the process. I have seen blue rings before down in the rockpools and kept clear of them.

How tolerant of water temperature is the Southern White spot? What would be its preferred temperature range? I may possibly be able to get my hands on one :smile:
Hi Bundy,

I've forgotten what part of Aussie you're in but the Southern white spot octopus will be temperate to cool temperate, I know that the sea surface temp in Tassie doesn't get much about 19C but I'm not to sure what the lower level would be.....................any aussies who can answer this one?

I am in South Australia (Adelaide) :smile:

My aunty works for SARDI (doing marine biology) and I know she keeps a blue ring (in a VERY secure tank) :tongue: She regulary goes out with trauler boats to do research (how much % of catch is kept and all that) So I am hoping she can get me a small octo! :biggrin2:
Oh awesome :smile: there is plenty of good places to catch squid and cuttlefish in SA. If you go to the York Peninsula you will almost definitely catch some. Maybe you would even know some way I could acquire a small octopus (through a researcher or something).
I'm planning on doing most of my collecting around the York Peninsula and Eyre Peninsula. I'm not aware of anyone that have octopus that would be willing to sell you one. I would either see if you can find a pet store that can order you one or find someone like a diver to collect one for you as long as they have a permit to do so. I might be moving to Australia next year so if you want one then I could probably get one for you.
Oh wow thats a big move :shock: it is a nice place though, you will love it :wink: I will keep searching I guess. And if I don't have one in the future that would be cool if you could help me out.
marinebio_guy;90378 said:
Yes, it is a big move. If I move I'll be going to Tasmania for my Ph.D. but when I move I'll be happy to help. I'll probably try to breen severaly different ceph's.

Tassie is lovely, will you be going to Launceston or Hobart? I haven't been to Launceston but I saw my first live weedy seadragon while snorkelling in the channel off Hobart (camera was out of film though :sad: ).

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