Workin' at LFS

Jul 3, 2003
Well, a student must make some money, somehow.... so this semester i'm taking community college classes in my hometown of Austin while working at an LFS called Austin Aquariums *glee*

Michael, the owner, has told me that he has found a cuttlefish supplier who will ship to him, and surprisingly, people from various locations have asked for them :shock:

He is looking for a reliable way of shipping them to those who request them.

Until then, first day of work was yesterday and good lord, i'm going to end up with all sorts of critters in my aquariums now that i'm around them all the time! doh.

You all will definately appreciate the store logo! You must take a look:
That is a nice job for you this summer! Looks like a nice LFS.

I do like the logo - for those who are not in the know, it's the Texas state capitol building with a green octo!

Have a look at our cuttlefish forum - you can figure out where those cuttlefish are coming from! And, maybe you can refer buyers to our cuttlefish material in the Ceph Care articles.

Keep us posted!


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