Wired article on temperature and squid size

""If you live in a place like Ottawa you might like a longer summer, but we have to think wider about this subject and the overall consequences," said Davies. "

NIce to see that they are taking the "long view".... :shock: :roll:
In other Wired News:

Along with its mobile-texting service, Friendster is also experimenting with online classifieds. Last week, it launched Pusit, a site that Filipino Friendster members can use to post or search for jobs, items for sale, real estate listings or events. The site name derives from the Tagalog word for squid, a favorite local dish.
As a borderline misanthrope I was rather hoping that our tampering with the environment would somehow (optimism too influenced by science fiction, no doubt) cause more nasty-tempered squid like dosidicus gigas to get bigger and go on a people-eating rampage! Alas, that will never be the case. Oh well, I can still dream. :madsci: :cthulhu:
I share your dream, my friend. However, I'm perfectly willing to settle for some lesser nasty-tempered invertebrate going on a people-eating rampage. Fingers crossed...