What do your friends think?

Most of my friends think it's funny... But even the ones who think it's funny I've caught correcting people on the plural of the word octopus and giving up eating cephalopods. :smile:
Family members and most friends are amazed and want one.

Work people :bonk: think I'm insane. Can't figure out why I'm sooo obscessed with these creatures!!!!!

They don't know what they're missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All of my friends love the critters...one of their favourite things to do is go out at low tide and look for them...when I have a tank set up, it gets more positive attention than anything else in the whole house!

Ok, Most of them just laugh at me. I'm like beyond just interested, if you get me talking about octopus and squid I get so excited and start talking like 10000 words a second. (slight exageration) I did that in science class one day, apparently it was funny, but my friends then started asking questions about squid and octopus, that got me even more excited.!!!!
Most of my friends point me to news and websites about octos. Two or three will even come to TONMOcon. But last week I mentioned TONMO to a colleague and friend. She looked at me like I had tentacles! She had no idea I was interested in octos at all. :bonk: Who knew that there are so many other things - work, music, boys - to talk about?

My friends and family are a patient, loving lot, so they're used to it. Most seem to find it mildly endearing when I excitedly tell them about the latest amazing discoveries. I do enjoy telling people about the big teuthids, as quite a few people think that giant squids are fignewtons of Jules Verne's imagination. To a man/woman, they all find the colossal squid particularly disturbing.

I can usually get away with mentioning it and not getting the 'what planet are you from?' look as long as I don't mention TONMO and the squid PhD in the same sentence. :wink:
When Rebecca first met me, she overheard me at a party talking to somebody about how my ideal home would be a disused offshore oil rig or hollowed-out volcano where I could live like a Bond villain - feeding interlopers to my pet giant squid. When she heard that last part she immediately had to follow my voice and see just exactly who I was.

A few months later, I invited her to come watch an octopus video with me and we made the leap from "just friends" to seriously involved the same night. Less than a year later we were husband and wife. Cupid is a cephalopod!
ya I do tell alot of people but most just say cool and forget about it I wish there was someone I new personaly who was Into octopus or even fish atlease to the marine level. what ever I have tonmo !!! thats good enough for me.
Actually, as an update, I rant about it alot so some of my friends have actually started to get interested in my marine obsession. And I go on tonmo at school, so they often ask what kind of a wacko site I'm on. (I will convert them all into ceph entheusist one way or another whahahaha) Ya, but I've found that eventually your friends will accept your strangeness and move on, or ask questions!

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