western australian occie


Dec 31, 2004
hi guys this is a photo of our occie he is a western australian occie dont know the real name but hes cool any way we also have a zebra lion fish in with him and they get on great let us know what you think oh and what a cool site


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Hi and welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

What a beautiful octopus! Thanks for posting the pic. How big is it, and how big is the tank it's in?

Glad you like the site!

Welcome!!! He is beautiful! How long have you had him? He cohabitates with a lionfish? Think that is a first!!! Anyway enjoy and look forward to more pics!!!

hes about the size of a large orange and the tank is a 4ft about 200 liters with plenty of rocks we have two canister filters and a protien skimmer heres some more pics also theres a puffer fish , a clown fish a gobbie in the tank


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Hi Dingo, welcome to TONMO.com :smile:

Keep posting pics of that octo, more you post better chnace we have of figuring what it is :smile:
Think I found your octo - Octopus cf tetricus or known as the common Perth Octopus, pg. 277 of Cephlapods, A World Guide for those of you that have this!
thankyou for that we thought thats what he might be but always good to double check but hes cool anyway we collect live food for the both of them once a week so they can snack on white bait and boxer shrimp all week long and also we supply them with frozen food as well
more wa occie pics

heres some early photos of the occie just around when we first got him he was so small then


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These are wonderful pics! He's not only cute, but he's also a very happy-looking occie. I like the tank, too, very nice shells.

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