Well its happened


Oct 16, 2003
Squiggly now thinks of me as his best bud earlier today he grabbed my finger when I was placing another piece of live rock in the tank and he wouldnt let go. When I finally got him off of me he attempted to climb out of the tank to get to me before I was able to put the lid on. After pursuading him to get back in the tank and stay put like a good squishy ceph he followed my every movement whenever I walked in front of the tank or sat down and watched him. I am so over joyed with how he has changed from a shy little guy thats only needed me for food to being like my dog only in a fish tank. What shocks me most is that I have only had Squiggly for 10 days now. By the way you can already see a size difference and his favorite toys are pieces of scallop which he now trys to feed to me or give back to me 1 of the 2 and the hermit crabs which he likes to grab tip over and tease then finally lets it go, he sometimes plays with the purple lego, marbles, and shells in the tank. I was concerned about him refusing to eat the fresh scallop and shrimp for me a few days back but that has changed seeing that there is a larger abundence of baby clam shells and the baby blood shrimp are slowly disappearing. All in all baby Squiggly is much more than I could have hoped for in a ceph. Thx again to all the members that answered my questions prior to me getting baby squiggly without the help from all of you I would have never gotten my little squishy ceph. Thx again, Aaron :D :heee:
Hi Chameleon,

It's wonderful to hear that Squiggly is becoming so friendly.

I have a theory (totally unproved) that the tank-raised bimacs will become friendly much earlier, because they never lived in world with danger and predators. It took Ollie a long time to trust me (Ollie was wild-caught).

Please keep up the reports of Squiggly's behavior - very interesting reading for the rest of us.


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