viking longship


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Mar 15, 2003
Finally got down to business and finished the rigging on this 1/60 scale ship...I made the sail from oilpaper with the same logo that will be on the sub and the coastal patrol boat...kind of a theme!
Hey, gives me something to do at 4 in the morning right??? :biggrin2:

cthulhu77 said:
Whoops! sorry I posted this into the wrong forum... :oops:

Just sink the Iron Beak into one your octo tanks, and you'll be squarely on-topic.

There really was a Viking longship named Iron Beak, by the way.

Great model. What's the sail made of?

Thanks Tony!!! What an idiot I can be sometimes...oh well...

The chair was supposed to be done yesterday, but suprisingly enough for Phoenix, it has rained here steadily for three days...of course, when I needed to work outside...I did get the rough fit together though...a little more sanding, some final fitting...and "yeeha"!

Glad you all like the ship!
I can't stand those vacu-form sails, and real canvas is too gritty in texture, so what I do is:
Draw out the logo and scan it to the computer...size it to scale on a field of off white tone and print...lay the paper on top of the vacuformed sail, wet with water and press into place with a pig bristle brush...let dry for at least 24 hours.
cut out sail to match pattern, stain with oil based wood colour, lay back on top of vac. sail and let dry, again, about 24 hours.
seal with spray varnish...and there you are! A fairly realistic looking sail with a minimum of effort!

:shock: Greg
Sounds worse than it is...just a lot of waiting! :biggrin2: I kind of like the idea of making a tank-friendly ship as a hiding place...hmmm...guess I would need to get another tank, right :wink:
Greg, :notworth:. (much belated)

Would you mind showing off some of your others, or pointing me to where they may already have been shown? I really dig model ships (especially from the age of sail), and would trade my mother for the patience (and skill) required to build my own.
Thanks! I am in the process of re-photographing a lot of my work, and I will certainly post up a few more, as well as a link to the gallery that will be up online...
Don't let those kits intimidate you...ask Phil ! Pick up something that fascinates you, and just plug away...some of my favorite ships end up from horrible mistakes...and it is fun!

I should have the waterline built for the 1/35th scale Danish patrol boat this weekend...will send in some photos !

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