[Video]: Inklet biting!!


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May 30, 2000
Here's a great video sent in by corw314 (Carol) showing her bimac Inklet actually biting her daughter! Ouch. You won't want to miss Carol's evil laugh on this... :biggrin2:

Inklet strikes -- 2 megs

Thanks Carol!! (and sorry it took so long to post!)

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What a great little movie! Yes, you really get to see Inklet strike! He looks a little disconcerted by the experience. Felt bad when he found she wasn't food.

Inklet is such a charming little bimac - post more, Carol!

You should make as movie out of this experence: When Octopuses Attack. Maybe inklet figured out he did something bad, thats why he hid in his shell. lol.

Great video... plus great laugh.....

i give it the :cthulhu: seal of approval....

active little critter you got there :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Thanks everyone!!! Don't know if I'd get mother of the year for keeping on filming!!!! I crack up everytime I watch it. :biggrin2: Just one of those moments!!!