[Video]: Inklet biting!!


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May 30, 2000
Here's a great video sent in by corw314 (Carol) showing her bimac Inklet actually biting her daughter! Ouch. You won't want to miss Carol's evil laugh on this... :biggrin2:

Inklet strikes -- 2 megs

Thanks Carol!! (and sorry it took so long to post!)

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What a great little movie! Yes, you really get to see Inklet strike! He looks a little disconcerted by the experience. Felt bad when he found she wasn't food.

Inklet is such a charming little bimac - post more, Carol!

You should make as movie out of this experence: When Octopuses Attack. Maybe inklet figured out he did something bad, thats why he hid in his shell. lol.

Thanks everyone!!! Don't know if I'd get mother of the year for keeping on filming!!!! I crack up everytime I watch it. :biggrin2: Just one of those moments!!!

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