Video Features on Giant Squid etc...


Apr 12, 2004
I wonder if anyone has compiled a list of video and film specials/features/articles on cephalopods. I know there have been a couple of programs on giant squid, plus there is the deep sea episode of blue planet or whatever it was called which while not specifically squiddy did kind of fall into the purvue of our tentacled friends.

Chasing Giants: On the Trail of the Giant Squid (Discovery Channel)
Quest of the Giant Squid (Discovery)
Ultimate Explorer: Devils of the Deep (National Geographic???)
Incredible Suckers (Nature)
I just saw again on PBS this evening the hour-long special about public aquariums where they briefly discuss breeding Nautilus in Waikiki.

Toren said:
Good call. Maybe one of the moderators can move this thread to the appropriate forum? Sorry about that!

Hi Toren. You are more than welcome to sift through earlier and present threads and compile an up-to-date list of documentaries/features involving this animal (and others) - in fact it would be very much appreciated if you/someone would!! With a list, and would it not be marvelous to have a library and review of each, and a quick email to Tony with the final product (or simple posting online), you would do the cephalopod community a huge service!!!
Add to the list:

Profiles of Nature I: "Camouflage" (episode 11 in a series of 14)

This episode (approx 45 mins with no commercials if I recall) touches on mammals and insects, but has a very large segment on cephalopods. This aired on Knowledge Network and I believe it's produced in Canada.
Blue Realm: "Tentacles"

On May 11 the Knowledge Network is airing the episode "Tentacles" from the series "Blue Realm" at 7pm (Vancouver time). It's all about cephalopods! I'll be taping it.

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